Frequently Asked Questions

How are the our meals prepared?
Majestic Meals provides delicious frozen homestyle entrées prepared in our kitchen, ready for you to enjoy in minutes. We offer an affordable and convenient way for you to enjoy a delicious meal with minimal preparation and cleanup. All dishes are hand prepared, cooked in the traditional way and then packaged to maintain a homemade taste. The homestyle entrées are elegant and tasty enough for special occasions and convenient enough for everyday use. Fresh quality products are used and no additional preservatives are added. Our menu has a large selection of pre-cooked dishes to choose from. Portions are generous and meals are sold in individual as well as family sizes. Larger quantity sizes are available upon request by special order. Meals are vacuumed sealed and frozen to ensure freshness and quality and can be kept in the freezer for several months.

How do I prepare the meals at home when I receive them?
Most of the meals are prepared in your home by placing the specially designed packaging in boiling water. Our “Boil in the Bag” packaging allows for heating in or out of the bag in a saucepan or in a microwave. Boiling in the bag is the best way to truly retain the intended taste, quality and texture. Individually frozen side dishes can be heated together with the entrée in the same saucepan. Microwaving can be used to heat small quantities of thawed food, but has the tendency to overcook parts of a meal and could burn the delicate sauces. Stovetop heating can also be used, providing the food has been thawed and is regularly stirred, but this may alter the consistency.

How long will it take me to prepare a meal?
Most of our dishes go from freezer to table in about 10 minutes.